Daily Reading Notes


Day 9

Posted on 2019-03-15

The remote Alaskan communities could not survive without the tide. Over 50% of their food comes from the miles of mud flats exposed by some of the largest tides in the world. These tides are so dramatic that even the delivery of supplies to these settlements must be carefully timed with tides. A miscalculation by the barges could ground them with a hole in the deck from a shifting boulders. Even when the coast is frozen, the tides serve a rich bounty.

When the winter is cold enough to produce thick ice, the tide create caverns underneath the ice. These caverns expose a rich landscape filled with oysters and other sea creatures stranded by the ocean. The locals have learned to find and use these to get additional protein during the scarce winter months.

Natives also use these beatiful ice domes as an excape from the cols during a long trip. Because the caverns are covered by ocean the whole time except during low tide, their temperatures stays close to that of the ocean, around 40 degrees. This is a strong contrast to the negative temperatures just above. The tides creates a bountiful and peaceful place under the ice for those that know how to find it. However, care must be taken since the tides can rush in quickly if left unchecked.