Daily Reading Notes


Day 2

Posted on 2019-03-01

Environments, predators, and prey evolved to depend on each other so heavily that it’s hard to tell which influenced the evolution of the other. Without the environment, like the tide, there would be no opportunity for the animals to exist.

Animals follow the cycles of their environment. They use their surrounding as cues. The cues can trigger small cycle which occur with every tide. For example, the mudshrimp burrow when the tide is low and come to eat and mate when the tide is hight.

It can also drive cycles on a grander scale. Like the migration of the sandpipers. These tiny birds embark on journey of thousands of miles every year while synchronizing their midpoint feeding time with the few days that the mudshrimp are at their peak abundance.

This type of interleaved relationship shows how fragile the balance in nature is. If the tides were to change, the shrimp might not come out in time. That would be catastrophic for the sandpipers. These birds are at their weakest before they get to feed on the mudshrimp. Without the mudshrimp, the migration could be catastrophic to the sandpipers.