Daily Reading Notes

The Magic of Thinking Big

Day 9

Posted on 2019-05-23

When you think negatively of others, it throws you into spiral. You go from a remark they just made to judging them about the cloths they wear, the cars they drive, or the job they have.

This way of thinking leads to nothing but a negative environment all around you. You can’t be happy because you are too busy being upset by all the flaws you see in that person. Then to make things worse, you will ooze negativity the next time you meet them. This could damage an important friendship or make your next day even worse.

Instead of going down this spiral every time someone makes a mistake, remind yourself of the good qualities this person has. Nobody is all bad or all good. It’s not them that drive how you perceive them. That is 100% your choice.

If you can’t find the positive right away, take some time to listen. After all, you have 2 ears and one mouth, so use them in proportion. Finding the positive isn’t the only advantage you gain by listening, you also make the other person feel important. People want to discuss their thought and interests. Give them the time to do so and you will gain more than insight, you could gain a friend.

The Magic of Thinking Big