Daily Reading Notes

The Magic of Thinking Big

Day 5

Posted on 2019-05-11

Traditional thinkers are quick to shut down new ideas. They believe that the status quo is so because it’s the best idea, not because it came first. In their eyes, change could only make things worse.

Creative thinkers approach every day with a fresh perspective. They ask “how can I make today better?” “How can I accomplish more than I did yesterday?” The unconventional methods these question prompt move people ahead of their peers – above the norm.

Asking questions starts the brains thinking of new ideas but the ideas can’t come from a vacuum. No matter how brilliant you are, you will run out of original ideas sooner or later.

In order to keep moving forward you need to stimulate your brain. Learn to listen more than you talk and surround yourself with people in your field and outside it. The people in your field share approach and solution to problems you are facing. The people from other fields trigger radically different ideas. If you are to succeed in long term creativity, you need to listen to both.

When you are primed with inspiration from different angles, you can start the next day with better answer to: How can I be better today?

The Magic of Thinking Big