Daily Reading Notes

The Magic of Thinking Big

Day 3

Posted on 2019-05-08

We let many things hold us back in life. The most potent are the negative thoughts we produce in our own mind.

Communicating with others is one of the most common fears. Many people are intimidate by day to day interaction because they believe others to be better than them in some way. They worry that they can’t connect to others because the difference between them is too great. They proceed to make it worse by constantly replaying their past negative experiences, and delaying taking any action.

This fear simply miss placed. We are much more alike than we think. Everyone just want to be happy, healthy, and support those we care about. This is a level everyone can connect on.

When you feel this fear or any other, don’t compound it by your negative internal dialogue. Instead of thinking of the negative experiences, think of positive once. Use these experiences to build up the confidence to take the action that will make the situation better.

Act with confidence and you will gain confidence. Give others honesty and care and you will receive the same back.

The Magic of Thinking Big