Daily Reading Notes

The Magic of Thinking Big

Day 1

Posted on 2019-05-05

Many people dismiss the power of belief because they confuse it for wishful thinking. Wishing that you get a raise without doing anything different is a delusion. Having the belief that you can get the raise if you work on developing your skills and push further than you have before, that’s where you find success.

Without believing in yourself, you will never tackle a challenge big enough to get you where you want to be. Look at people more successful than you. Do they really have something that you don’t? Can you find someone more successful that has less of what you have? Of course you can.

Most of the people that attain success in life aren’t geniuses or especially gifted. They only had the determination to stick to their goals and figure out a way to get where they wanted to go. What’s stopping you from doing the same?

Start dreaming big today. The big goals are often easier than the small once.

The Magic of Thinking Big