Daily Reading Notes

The Lean Startup

Day 1

Posted on 2019-03-20

In order to succeed in today’s markets, we need innovation more than ever. Tradition business practices can’t be applied to innovation because it’s hard to have a long term plan for innovations. However, it still requires management and business leadership, just a different kind.

Not being able to plan for the long term doesn’t mean that creativity requires a muse, a chaotic environment, or a the perfect mix of luck and timing. All this line of reasoning gives you is a convenient excuse for when you fail. If you didn’t release with the correct timing, it wasn’t your fault, it was just bad timing. In reality, it was due to a lack of managing your endeavor and respond to feedback quickly.

There are key traits that make entrepreneurs successful. They aren’t a magic bullet that guarantees you will become a billionaire, but they can guide you on the journey to create a successful new product.

The Lean Startup