Daily Reading Notes

The Happy Body

Day 3

Posted on 2019-08-30

Have a 12 hour feeding period where you eat every 3 hours. This gives you time for 3 snacks and two meals.

If you have to push back lunch, eat a third of your snack every hour you delay it. After you eat lunch, finish the rest of your snack three hours later and have dinner at your normal time.

The base line for every meal is 1.5 fist size portions of protein, and 3 fist size portions of vegetables. To lose or gain weight subtract or add half a fist size portion of protein and 1 fist size portion of vegetables.

The base line for your snack is 150% of your ideal body weight in grams. To lose or gain weight, subtract or add 50%.

Once you achieve your ideal weight, you can add a cheat meal once per week.

Stop increasing the weight you use during exercise once you achieve the standard for strength and speed.

Buy only a few vegetables per week. Precut them on the weekend and use the for making fresh stir fries, soups, and salads.

Keep your meals simple. There is no need to have more than 2 vegetables per meal. This keeps your meals from getting repetitive and boring.

To prepare delicious meals use fresh ingredients and season them with your favorite spices and herbs.

The Happy Body