Daily Reading Notes

Stillness is the Key

Day 8

Posted on 2019-10-20

No matter how sharp your mind is, or how strong your spirit grows, they will fail if your body grows weary.

The body needs rest, activities that nourish it, and time for stillness.

Even Churchill, while facing Hitler and the Nazis, found time for his hobbies and family. Why can’t you do the same?

If you are forced to back down, don’t take it as defeat. Use it to regain your energy and prepare for the next challenge.

You will only find peace in learning to say no to the things that don’t matter.

When you learn what’s important to you, saying no to the rest becomes easy.

With every opportunity you get, ask yourself:

  • What is it?
  • Why does it matter?
  • Do I need it or even want it?
  • What’s the hidden cost?
  • Will I look proudly from my death bed upon achieving this?
  • Would I have thought out this opportunity on my own?
Stillness is the Key