Daily Reading Notes

Stillness is the Key

Day 7

Posted on 2019-10-19

Any accomplishments done only for the reward at the end feel empty. True reward is only found in helping others.

A loved one is like a wall that won’t let you fall and will protect you form the cold.

Anger might make your current endeavor successful, but it will destroy the rest of your life.

On a long enough timescale anger always turn on itself. It will cause ruin if allowed to run rampant.

To have a chance at quieting anger, you must find the power to pause and evaluate your choice – especially when you feel anger coming on.

When someone makes you angry, remember: it’s easier to protect your feet with slippers than carpet the entire planet. Look at what you can do, not how to fix them.

Replace anger with love, gratitude, and purpose.

Everyone shares the same planet, the same desires, and the same heartbreaks. Learn to see the similarities in others. Only then will you find peace in your life.

The less we believe in our exceptional nature, the more we open ourselves to helping the world around us.

You will only find peace by realizing that the victory or defeat of today means nothing on the timescale of your life.

Stillness is the Key