Daily Reading Notes

Stillness is the Key

Day 5

Posted on 2019-10-15

Having a set of virtues makes all your choices simpler. You don’t have to weight out every possibility because most will simply fall away.

Every situation requires it’s own set of virtues. If you have a challenging project, recruit focus and perseverance. If you are dealing with corruptions, call forth honesty and morality.

You can’t find stillness without first finding the virtues that matter to you.

Our childhood haunts us all. Some are still looking for a father, others just want power and control.

Hold your inner child with love and kindness. Be patient and allow yourself to handle the situation from your current perspective.

Drop your old stories.

We are all tempted by pleasures, especially in the modern world. A pleasurable distraction is often only a click away, but consider how you will feel once you attain it. Will you really be happier then?

Out of all the desires, envy is the only one that gives us no pleasure. It makes us miserable by making us crave what we don’t have and the people that have it. Envy drives a wedge between us and others. It breeds nothing but toxicity.

Before you wish for something that others possess, consider the sacrifices they had to make. Are you willing to make the same trade?

When you feel a strong desire, write it down. Sit with it and examine it. If you had to read your writings and expose your desires to the world, would you be proud?

You can’t avoid every misstep, but you can build the strength to stand back up and continue on a virtuous path. Don’t let a mistake ruin the progress you made.

Stillness is the Key