Daily Reading Notes

Stillness is the Key

Day 3

Posted on 2019-10-12

Just like a full cup, your mind can’t take in new ideas if it’s constantly bombarded with information. Take time in meditation and silence to empty it.

Put in the time to practice and learn your skill. But when the time comes to perform, approach with an empty mind and let your honed instincts guide you.

A great decision was never made in haste. Take your time and savor every activity. It will lead to better results and more enjoyment.

Think deeply on questions that don’t have a simple answer. These will expand your awareness of the available possibilities.

Keep a journal to spend time with your mind. Write about your day, your worries, your future. It doesn’t matter. What ever is on your mind, spend more time with it by putting it in writing.

Seek silence from the voices and information that you hear every day. Let your mind bask in the small sounds that you miss when rushing through life. You will be surprised by what else you find.

Wisdom doesn’t lie in perfect knowledge. Wisdom lies in an open mind and curiosity.

Don’t narrow your search for wisdom to a single school of thought. Learn widely so you can build an appreciation for how little you know and how much you have to discover.

You will only find wisdom by sitting with hard question and embracing the doubt they bring.

Stillness is the Key