Daily Reading Notes

Small Giants

Day 4

Posted on 2019-06-30

Raising capital may be the only way to grow quickly, but it come with tremendous pressure. You give up control for every bit of funding you take on.

Investors will have priorities for growth first. This often goes at odds with what will make your business last. Will you be able to keep up quality when you need to produce 10% more this quarter at all cost?

Customers can put as much pressure on the company as inverters. If a company does great work, they will get more business. Initially, it seems like a good thing. You don’t have to struggle anymore, you can start charing higher rates. but eventually it becomes too much. That’s when you need to choose which customers to keep, or the entire business could implode.

Running a race to become the biggest is futile. There will always be someone willing to sacrifice more that you to take the top spot. Stave off the urge to grow by reminding yourself of the impact you have right now on the people that depend on you.

Small Giants