Daily Reading Notes

Small Giants

Day 11

Posted on 2019-07-18

The changing of leadership is no the biggest problem a company faces as time goes by. No matter how good the initial idea is or how much momentum the company can build, competition will eventually catch up. When that happens, they must innovate and change.

This causes stress to everyone because it undermined the foundation the company was built on, and puts financial stress on the whole company. Bonuses may need to be cut and dividends eliminated. It will test the commitment of everyone involved. If the wrong values get tweaked, people trust in the company will be shattered and the entire business could implode.

For a change to succeed, the essential values that keep people around must be weighed against the habits that developed but no longer serve the company. The change should replace the bad habits with once that will improve the things that keep people around. With that proposition, everyone can buy into the change.

Small Giants