Daily Reading Notes


Day 3

Posted on 2020-01-01

You can’t rely on your co-workers for face to face human interactions. Instead you have to make the effort to get enough interaction with family, friends, or community groups around your town.

Despite having the ability to work any time, you should still have a set time when work starts and ends. Otherwise, burn out will quickly catch up to you.

Having the support for remote work allows the company to keep people even when they need to move. In fact, it could bolster loyalty by allowing them to live in a cheaper area while making a big city salary.

A remote worker isn’t special because they are remote. When they do great work, it’s simply great work. Therefore, no matter where they live, they should receive the same appreciation and compensation for the same work.

Remote workers mostly communicate through email or chat. If you can’t effectively communicate your ideas through writing, you lose out on much of the benefit of remote work.

Former contractors make great remote workers. Both positions require creating your own tasks, driving goals to completion, and solving problems without someone pulling you along.