Daily Reading Notes


Day 2

Posted on 2019-12-30

Having everyone brainstorming together in the same room can lead to truly great idea. But how many great ideas do you need before your plate is full? If you want to reap the benefits of the great idea, you need to put in the work to make them a reality. This work doesn’t require long brainstorming sessions. It only requires consistency and effort.

Remote work scares managers because it takes away their sense of control. They can no longer see what people are doing, they can’t come in and get an instant answer, and they can’t call an impromptu meeting just to discuss a recent issue. This loss of control takes away many of the activities that fill up 40 hours of management work. When everyone works remote, a full time manager may not exist.

Having at least a 4 hour overlap helps to deal with tasks that require a call or screen share.

Keeping remote workers productive require exposing all plans, resources, and schedules. That way people never have to wonder what to work on, or wait an hour for someone to get online.

Having a designated water cooler chatroom can create the spontaneous team bonding that happens from hallway conversations. Except it has the added benefit of allows people to communicate on their own time.

Having people work remote brings their contributions to the forefront. Meaningless metrics like how early someone comes in fall away. When evaluation only take into account the actual work, it become hard to hide shortcomings.

Having the skills and resources for remote work can even benefit those that prefer to work in the office. Instead of office workers missing a whole day of work because of snow day or plumber appointment, they can take the day to work remote while taking care of an emergency.

Meeting, estimate, and constant updates still have a major impact on remote workers. To keep people at their most productive, these need to only happen when absolutely necessary.