Daily Reading Notes

Radical Acceptance

Day 8

Posted on 2019-11-07

In our competitive society, it’s second nature to harshly judge yourself. We become so busy blaming ourselves for failing to reaching an unattainable standard that we forget to notice everything we have accomplishing.

You should relate to yourself like you would a friend. You wouldn’t let a friend pile on responsibility when they are in a tough situation. Don’t treat yourself any differently.

Sometimes your situation becomes so overwhelming that you can’t handle it anymore. That’s when you need to reach to a power greater than yourself. Ask for help with your suffering.

When we share our burden it we can experience all our emotions without needing to hold the whole weight on our own.

To practice holding your suffering, sit in meditation and start notice your suffering, your fear, your anger. Let it freely flow and feel it intensify throughout your body. Then, ask with compassion to be free from it. You can ask a higher power or just to yourself.

“It’s not our anger, it is not our pain. Everyone lives with anger, with fear, with grief.”

Noticing the life around us is the most basic form of loving it. As we spend more time noticing, we can grow to love even the bugs that scared us at one point.

If we take the time to think through a situation where someone made us angry or ashamed, we start to see that the person who hurt us is suffering like we are.

When we see someone as other or different, we block out the rest of their humanity. If instead, we look for similarities, we will find them much more like us than different.

Even if we don’t like someone, or disagree with their ideas, if we start to see their humanity we can understand them. This will facilitate better conversation and could lead to compromises and solutions that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

Radical Acceptance