Daily Reading Notes

Radical Acceptance

Day 7

Posted on 2019-11-05

We all have a choice when we experience fear. We can run from it forever or face it head on and let it pass over us.

Fear is required for our survival. It keeps us out of dangerous situations. The problem arises when we get caught in a spiral of fear caused by trauma or persistent worry.

Fear engulfs our entire world when we feel isolated from others and unloved by ourselves.

We can’t handle everything life throws at us without the help of others. That’s why relationships are critical to mental health.

When fear become overwhelming, we can find refuge in three places:

  • Something greater than ourselves. This can be a higher power you believe in, fate, or just the growing of your own heart.
  • The ever-changing nature of the world. This can remind us that even this moment will pass.
  • The community and people around us. All our loved ones are there to support us if we need help during this difficult time.

Meditation isn’t a cure-all. Medication can help in your practice, especially when dealing with past trauma.

By widening our lens of attention to take in more than just our fear we realize that there is room for the fear and other emotions. We learn to live with our feelings.

Fear can open us up to greater growth by forcing us to face challenges. After dealing with fear, we often come out stronger and better able to relate to others.

Fear will always be with us. We can’t try to eliminate it from our lives. We have to learn to welcome fear and provide enough awareness to allow fear to live with rest of our emotions.

Radical Acceptance