Daily Reading Notes

Radical Acceptance

Day 5

Posted on 2019-11-01

Traumatic experiences can manifest in the body as chronic pain or tightness, or as uncontrollable bouts during situation that trigger a memory of the experience.

Our bodily experiences guide us towards fixing not only our physical states, but also our mental states.

Once we accept the feeling in our body and become comfortable in them, our body becomes a home base against the turmoil of the outside world.

Our emotions and bodily sensations never stop changing – just like the rest of nature.

Our suffering comes from trying to control our flow of emotions by holding on or pushing away. If we want to experience life fully, we must allow sensations to flow freely.

Become familiar with your body by scanning it from head to toe. Give a longer pause to any area of intense sensation, or areas lacking sensation. Get to know everything that’s happening in your body at the moment.

Practice accepting your pain by digging deeper and trying notice exactly what the pain feels like. Allow the sensation to spread through your entire body. The more it spreads the less instance it becomes. Notice how this effects others parts of the whole body.

Radical Acceptance