Daily Reading Notes

Radical Acceptance

Day 12

Posted on 2019-11-15

When we seek happiness outside ourselves, we miss all the potential for greatness we have inside us.

Frustration or losses of our temper can make us doubt our good nature, but they hold little truth. When given time and compassion they quickly fade.

To loosen attachments about the doubt of our nature, we can ask ourselves “Who is aware of this?” This will open us to seeing that the only permanent thing is the sense of awareness itself.

“Seeing pure awareness without engaging lovingly with our life is a daydream. Living in this relative world is a nightmare.” – Japanese Proverb

To live a fulfilling life, we need to loosen our attachments and engage in daily life at the same time. Inside this delicate balance lies calmness and happiness.

Cherish every step you take in a difficult situation. Even the smallest nudge forward represents progress that will compound over time.

Radical Acceptance