Daily Reading Notes

Radical Acceptance

Day 11

Posted on 2019-11-13

“I Sought my god, my god I could not see I sought my soul, my soul eluded me I sought my brother and found all three” – Anonymous

We can only unlock our full potential through the relationships we build with others.

A conversation, a party, or even an argument all present an opportunity to practice mindfulness. In fact, the more mindful we become throughout our relationships, the stronger our relationships grow.

When we listen to the troubles of others, we realize that we are not alone. Everyone is going through similar struggles as us. No one is perfect.

Sometimes a person can only change when they feel accepted for who they are today. You can give them that acceptance.

To remain mindful in conversations, follow these steps:

  • Set an intention to stay present, honest, and kind.
  • Let your body be an another, like in meditation.
  • Listen from the heart and try to relate on a deeper level.
  • Speak from the heart. It’s OK to let others know how you feel.
  • Pause, relax, and attend. You don’t need to hurry a response.
  • Practice radical acceptance by meeting the person where they are right now without trying to change them.
Radical Acceptance