Daily Reading Notes


Day 9

Posted on 2019-04-29

The Western extrovert ideal is far from universal. Many Asian countries value the opposite characteristics. They don’t want people that are aggressive and stir things up. They find small talk a nuisance. They even promote people for being quite, respectful, and humble.

The west don’t see power in the perseverance required to hold up the quite idea. What we view as passive can take tremendous amount of strength. It’s not easy to accept an unpleasant situation for the good of the group.

It’s this care for the group dynamic – weather the group is a family, a company, or a country – that’s so valued in the East. It makes for leaders that will dedicate themselves fully to the cause without flaunting achievements. These leaders might not give a riveting speech, but they will do what ever is necessary for those that depend on them.

We must learn to respect this power. Charisma shouldn’t be the only way to move ahead in society.