Daily Reading Notes


Day 6

Posted on 2019-04-21

Everybody has a different level of stimuli under which they function best. This isn’t just a preferences.

The primitive brain, the amygdala, is in charge of our most basic needs. Its only concern is your survival, and a primary factor to survival in avoiding danger. Its always analyzing everything around you for any sign of a threat. Some people can pay attention to more stimuli around them than others.

The good news is, we can circumvent our fear response by activating our higher level brain located in the pre-frontal cortex. We all do this when we reassure ourselves that everything is OK.

However, the pre-frontal cortex is also responsible for our higher level thinking. So if it’s busy trying to keep the amygdala under control, it’s unable to operate as well on all the other demand placed on it by modern life.

That’s why some people enjoy a quite workplace, it let’s their pre-frontal cortex fully focus on the task at hand. While other need to have music or like to work in a crowded area. If the latter don’t have enough stimuli, their brains starts wondering and they become distracted. The basis for what could seem as a preference is deeply biological and has a real effect on our ability to function optimally.