Daily Reading Notes


Day 5

Posted on 2019-04-19

Our temperament is seen from an early age. Babies fall in a range between high-reactive and low-reactive. The high-reactive babies will have a lot of motion when confront with new experience. The low-reactive babies will be the exact opposite.

Based on the temperament, as kids grow up they develop tendencies to dive deep into creative activities, if they are high-reactive, or adventurous activities, if they are low-reactive. These experiences further shape their personalities toward shyness or adventure. However, this can be molded by pushing outside their comfort zone and varying experiences.

As the kinds grow older they become shaped by their environment by varying degrees. The low-reactive children won’t be impact much by the quality of their home life. They can grow up well in any environment outside of a the extremely negative homes.

On the other hand, the high-react children are highly impacted by their environment. If they grow up in a bad environment, they will continue to draw deeper inwards and may become catastrophically sheltered. But if they grow up in a good environment, they have a high likely hood of outshining any other child. Being high-reactive can be a blessing or a curse based on the child’s environment.