Daily Reading Notes


Day 3

Posted on 2019-04-10

Different environment require different leaders. An outgoing leader that’s able to get his team fired up is critical around passive works. However, that all changes when the workers are already passionate and dedicated to the cause.

When the workers are amazing at their job and eager to offer up fresh ideas, it’s not talking that’s needed but listening. The leader must hear what is being said and help build out the idea further. This is the perfect job for an introvert leader who doesn’t care about getting all the glory

If you consider yourself and introvert leader, and have been told to take speaking lessons or be more outgoing, don’t give all your energy to changing your way. It’s important to be able to have some speaking skills, but it’s just as important to work on your natural strength. Try to become a better listener, work on analyzing the situation that are presented to you. Become the type of leader you would like to have.

From Rosa Parks to Bill Gates, leaders found strength in these characteristics. So can you.