Daily Reading Notes


Day 2

Posted on 2019-04-09

The culture of extroverts has spread far and wide. From the seminars and books of Tony Robbins that influence over 50 million people, to the Harvard Business school which produces the bulk of corporate leadership.

It has gone so far that being an extrovert isn’t enough. You must knowing how to sell yourself in all situation, even just passing someone down the hall. That’s why people see paying tens of thousands of dollars to attend a seminar as their only path to success.

In the corporate setting, teamwork has become such an intricate part that Harvard Business School pre-assigns study groups. Students are deemed as unprepared for class unless they discussed topics with their study group. They are encouraged to go to happy hours, dinners, and parties. Their skills of developing a social network are viewed as a sign of a successful Harvard experience.

Where does all this leave people who would rather dive deep into a topic on their own? Must everyone become outgoing to succeed in today’s world?