Daily Reading Notes


Day 12

Posted on 2019-05-04

Children are at great danger of having their internal drive shut down by other’s focus on extroversion. Teacher place increasing value on group work. Classmates call them shy – a term even a young child recognizes as negative. Parents want them to have lots of friends and be popular. These are tremendous pressures to put on a child.

When the child is introverted they are sensitive to these pressures and feel like a failure every time they don’t meet it. Their natural tendency to think deeper feels wrong. This makes them spiral into anxiety every time they have to step out of their comfort zone. What if they didn’t speak up soon enough? What if they are already labeled as shy and their idea will be dismissed? These thoughts wrack havoc.

We need to break this cycle. Introverted nature of kids isn’t something that needs to be fixed. It’s not a bad thing to be thoughtful and have a small group of friends. In fact, it can pay off later in life.

Instead of encouraging children to just make more friends, their nature should be respected. They need to learn how to use their natural talents to be successful in a group setting.

A child that like writing might want to grab the note taker spot in a group, a position the extroverted kid would hate. Similar techniques let introverts contribute to the group while being comfortable. As they learn constructive ways to use their gifts, their confidence grows. They don’t stifle their talents and personality trying to conform to the expectations of others.