Daily Reading Notes


Day 11

Posted on 2019-05-02

Introverts communicating with extroverts can spell trouble. They have radically different ways of communicating.

Getting fired up and showing a lot of emotion could be seen as rude by an introvert, while it is just showing passion by the extrovert.

Toning down emotions and trying to come to a resolution through raw facts can be viewed as a lack of caring by an extrovert, while it is being done out of respect for the other person by the introvert.

This difference in perception requires both parties to meet in the middle. The introvert needs to learn that it’s OK to disagree – even with just a firm no. While the extrovert needs to learn to choose their battles and only become passionate about the most important topics.

If both parties understand that each other operates differently and compromise in their communication method, they can create a harmonious discussion. The introvert can benefit from being brought out of deep thought, and the extrovert can find someone they can confide in. They can balance each other and provide what the other is missing.