Daily Reading Notes


Day 1

Posted on 2019-04-08

1/3 to 1/2 of all people are considered introverts. But because of the values held in today’s word, they are forced to fight their natural tendencies.

Instead of spending time thinking and working on their character, they are forced to learn to be outgoing and work on their personality. The favoritism society shows toward personality is enough to make anyone but the most outgoing extrovert feel inadequate.

We can no longer focus on discipline, generosity, and hard work. We must also have charisma, speaking skills, and a good personality. These characteristics are much harder to develop. Some people might never become charismatic no matter how many training seminars they attend or how many self help books they read.

All of these characteristics make us idealize movie stars instead of the thinkers. This is a culture that would rather watch someone give an engaging speech than read a brilliant white paper. We might have made society more pleasing and entertaining, but what price are we paying?