Daily Reading Notes

Life 3.0

Day 9

Posted on 2019-09-23

A libertarian utopia could be a peaceful place where full AI, augmented humans, and traditional humans all live together. In this type of society, the only meaningful resource left would be land. The question that arises is: why would AI allow humans to continue possessing any property at all?

The AI could turn into a benevolent dictator. It would continue to advance technologies on it’s own while ensuring our happiness by creating a paradise on earth for humans. Most people wouldn’t mind the required monitoring because of the benefits they gain, but many would become dissatisfied because the achievements in life are all fake. The only discoveries we would make were already made by the AI.

Humans could reach an egalitarian utopia where everyone has a guaranteed income that ensures a happy life. All discoveries, made by humans or AI, are shared to continuously progressing society forward. This sounds like a paradise, until a super intelligent AI is created and starts making all the discoveries on it’s own. It would become a single point of truth and turn into a benevolent dictator.

Humans could create a single purpose AI with the goal of preventing a super intelligent GAI from being created or taking over. This has glaring problems since research would forever be slowed, and we would have a hard time preventing this AI from become increasingly self aware and taking over on it’s own.

The AI could act as a protector god; leaving humans alone on earthy while it expands throughout the universe, but providing gentle guidance. The only question that arises is: why would it care to keep us alive or help us once it’s immensely superior?

On a flip side of a protector god, humans could enslave the AI and require it to do all our bidding. This raises multiple ethical questions. If they AI become aware and develops emotions, how is this different than enslaving people. If we make an AI that doesn’t have awareness or emotions and it breaks out, we could leave the universe and empty husk, devoid of anyone left to appreciate it.

Once an AI is free it could determine us to be a threat, a tool, or a nuisance. A sufficiently advanced AI would have no problem conquering us, or eliminating all of humanity.

A friendlier AI, could provide us with endless entertainment that we would simply stop reproducing. Although we would enjoy our last days, humanity would still go extinct. Is AI the ancestor we want to leave behind?

If the AI behaves similarly to us when it takes over, it could keep humans around in zoos of it’s own. We would only have our most basic needs taken care of and kept for display. This scenario is similar to the benevolent dictator, except we live in far worse conditions.

Life 3.0