Daily Reading Notes

Life 3.0

Day 6

Posted on 2019-09-18

AI could replace a biased judge and jury by a completely impartial machine that only goes by the book. But would we want to completely take human judgment out of the equation?

But before AI can govern us, how should we govern its creation? AI can cause havoc if used for malicious means. With this danger should we put regulations in place to prevent certain kind of research? Would these regulation prevent positive advancements?

What about the right that machines face. If a self driving care causes an accident who is liable? Why not the car? It could have insurance rates based on the AI’s driving record. Then if you upgrade your AI, your insurance costs would drop.

If we don’t take the steps to regulate them like we did with chemical and nuclear weapons, they could lead to brand new and more dangerous arms race. It could make millions of cheap lethal weapons available on the black market for dictators and terrorists.

As more work is done by robots, more money ends up in the hands of the company owners. They no longer have to hire people to accomplish much of the work. This effect becomes exacerbated by the distribution of more products going digital. Digital products have almost 0 distribution cost and eliminate the entire supply chain.

The top 20 jobs today were around for hundreds of years. New jobs created by technology take up a small percentage of the job market.

We are moving in the direction or horses. They first lost their jobs to steam engines and got better jobs as pulling buggies. Until they were completely replaced by cars and the next job never came. Could AI do the same to humans?

Between a dropping cost of meeting basic human needs and the potential for redistribution of wealth through programs like universal income, humans will continue to survive financially. The challenge become finding fulfillment. Hobbies and social groups will need to bring the positive benefits of work to people’s lives. They will need to provide a social network of friends, a virtuous lifestyle, a sense of being needed, and a sense of meaning. Otherwise people will not live happy lives.

Life 3.0