Daily Reading Notes

Life 3.0

Day 5

Posted on 2019-09-16

Neural nets already accomplished some amazing tasks:

  • DeepMind learned to play over 40 classic video games without any human interference.
  • AlphaGo came up with some of the most create moves ever seen in the game of Go.
  • Google Translate has nearly flawless translations for many simple sentences.

Although these are narrow applications, they demonstrate learning, creativity, and language comprehension; traits that are key for reaching general intelligence.

As technology grows more advanced, the cost of errors and bugs increases at an exponential rate. We’ve already seen bugs cause people to get crushed by automated equipment, spaceships explode, and trillion dollar mistakes in the stock market.

Although accidental mistakes can be harmful, they pale in comparison to what a malicious AI could accomplish. Imagine a spoofing attack that uses your social profile, your friends email, and mimics the mannerisms of who it impersonates. You wouldn’t stand a chance of telling real from fake.

Life 3.0