Daily Reading Notes

Life 3.0

Day 14

Posted on 2019-09-29

Most complex goal results in sub goals of self preservation, resource acquisition, information acquisition, and curiosity.

Philosophers have proposed ethical systems that make sense for humans, but many of them fall apart if we take machines into account. Even Asimov’s laws of robotics, as simple and straight forward as they are, cause contradictions.

The universe move through four stages of goals:

  1. After the big bang matter had the goal to dissipate.
  2. Primitive life had the goal of maximizing replication.
  3. Human evolved sub goals to replication and focused on those goals. They thought pleasure, curiosity, compassion, and many other feeling we write about.
  4. Machines designed specifically to help human reach their goals.

The next evolution of goals for self aware machines is unknown. But, most possibilities lead to the destruction of humanity or a sever decrease in our quality of life. Once machines become advanced enough we will be nothing but ants to them. Because of this, we have to carefully consider how we will imbue machines with goals and ethics that support not only them but also us.

Life 3.0