Daily Reading Notes

Life 3.0

Day 10

Posted on 2019-09-24

We may not need to worry about AI. Humanity could easily wipe out itself with the nuclear weapons we have today. In fact, we almost did during the Cuban missile crisis. Our future gets even worse if we consider that new weapons are still being developed. Some nations even started working on building cobalt bombs that will wipe out the rest of humanity if they are ever attacked.

Our drive for technology is driven by ambition. Ultimately, it will be the most ambition species, even if not use, that inherits the universe because of their relentless progress.

To continue our progress forward, we need to make better use of our energy. Our best method today, uranium fission, only capture 0.08% of energy in the matter used.

Building a Dyson Sphere, a terrain that encloses our sun to capture 100% of its energy, would be as effective and uranium fission while providing us with more land, and eliminating the danger of nuclear power plants.

A far more efficient method, having an efficiency of 29%, would be using the rotational force of black hole. If we launch an object at the correct angle and split it at the right moment, half the object will get consumed and the other half will come out with energy we can use.

We could also feed matter to the black hole and build a Dyson sphere around it to capture the energy that it produces. This process would generate energy at 42% efficiency.

The most efficient way to use a black hole would involve drawing all it’s energy as it evaporates, producing energy at 90% efficiency. The problem is: the amount of energy produced is reversely proportional to the black holes size. To produce a significant amount of energy, a black hole would need to be a thousand times smaller than a proton. This puts us into a quantum reals which we still don’t fully understand.

The only 100% effective method of producing energy we know is reversing the process of the big bang. Instead of letting energy dissipate into matter, we apply enough pressure on the matter to turning it into energy. This process involves turning quarks into leptons, and is far above our current capabilities.

Life 3.0