Daily Reading Notes

Getting Past No

Day 6

Posted on 2019-06-25

You might have met all the other sides needs, gave them more than they originally wanted, and made it easy for them to go back on the points they had to compromise on. However, you still can’t get final yes.

They might still have a point of pride, or believe that you have to lose in order for them to win. That’s when you have to show your power.

But don’t threaten or intimidate. That will only undo all the work you put in up to this point. Instead, use your power to educate. Separate yourself from the outcome and warn them about the outcome if an agreement isn’t reached.

After laying out the path without an agreement, let them know that the golden bridge you built is still open. Then allow them to choose. This will make the final decision their choice and not something imposed by you. Letting the other side make the final decision is the best method for letting everyone leave the negotiation satisfied.

Getting Past No