Daily Reading Notes

Getting Past No

Day 2

Posted on 2019-06-12

The best thing you can do to foster a smooth negotiation is prepare. Take time to review the facts, come up with options for both sides, and determine your best alternative case scenario. Then you will go into a negotiation ready for the different forks it could take.

It’s good to be prepared, but no amount of preparation can anticipate all the reactions of others. They might anger you with a personal attack. They may stone wall you by saying a company policy doesn’t allow them to budge. They may even go as far as lying and providing bad information. These are all the things you can’t anticipate and you have no control over.

When these situation come up, the only thing you can control is your reaction. Before you act on any unexpected situation take some time. A simple pause can go a long way toward moving a discussion towards more comfortable grounds. If you get heated enough, you can even step away. With either technique, you gain room to think and make the other person responsible for responding.

Don’t let snap judgments lock you into a decision you will regret.

Getting Past No