Daily Reading Notes


Day 9

Posted on 2019-08-20

The strongest motivator are achievement and the recognition of achievement.

Start small and build momentum. Don’t go for the big all in win.

Seeing progress and being encouraged produces better results than threatening punishment.

To build momentum, make the smallest amount of progress possible. If you want to write, start with a paragraph per day.

Prepare early and in small increments. Splitting an assignment over a month makes the work far easier than cramming it into the last day.

Design routines so your brain can go on auto pilot. Then you will have reserves of energy for the difficult problems.

All bad habits have triggers. To break a bad habit, associate a positive habit with the existing trigger.

To build a new habit, use an existing routine as a trigger. Then just add your habit to what you already do.

Do the most difficult thing first so you have energy to give it the focus it deserves.

Changing a routine takes enormous concentration. Tackle them on one at a time.