Daily Reading Notes


Day 4

Posted on 2019-08-12

Learn to see the patterns between the mountains of facts around you.

Keep a journal. When you write about an experience, you clarify it in your mind so the important connection can pop out.

Go to the source to figure out the real problem.

Look for what others missed. You will find treasure between the lines.

Clarify your question until you get a clear answer. People are likely to dodge a tough question, or simply get distracted by tangents.

Play is essential. It opens up your imagination, fights stress, and stimulate logical reasoning. These benefits will multiply your output at work and more than make up for time spent at play.

The most important asset you have is yourself.

Enough sleep is the highest impact habit you can make for your creativity, productivity, and health.

If you think you are fine with 4 hours of sleep, you just forgot how being rested feels.