Daily Reading Notes


Day 10

Posted on 2019-08-22

You can only focus on one thing at time.

You can still do multiple things once, but all except one should require no focus. Doing dishes while thinking on a problem is a great way to accomplished a task while focused on thinking.

To bring focus, pause to create a list of your top priorities. Then give each one your full attention until it’s finished.

Before you move on to the next activity take a deep breath and let the past fall away from you.

To become successful at essentialism, it has to be at your core. The non essential activities should be the slip ups, not the norm.

Don’t let opportunities that come with success distract you from your most important work.

Don’t practice essentialism, become and esstialist. Then it’s not another thing on your growing list of todos, it become who you are.

The essenialist leader: - trusts in less but better. - Hires on only those that are absolutely right for the job. - Removes anyone that holds the team back. - Asks what is the one thing he could focus the team on that would bring the most value. - Provides each team member with a clear focus of where their highest contribution lies. - Listens so he can figure out the essentials. - Only checks in to figure out where he can help. - Builds a uniform team by having consistent goals and communications.