Daily Reading Notes

Elements of Style

Day 6

Posted on 2019-07-31

Don’t flourish your writing with a fake style. Let your style come through naturally through proper writing.

Engage the reader in the story and the events while placing yourself in the background. You aren’t the important part in your writing.

If you need an adjective or adverb for clarity, and not for style, your verbs and nouns are too weak. Let nouns and verbs convey your meaning.

The breezy manner destroys the substance of a piece.

Have sympathy for your readers. Fancy words and long sentences will burden them.

Let the story show how things have turned out; remove your opinion.

Avoid business or marketing jargon if you can. Words like finalize have a fuzzy meaning: does it mean to “put the finishing touches on”, or “terminate”. When in doubt any an term, choose clarity.

Elements of Style