Daily Reading Notes

Elements of Style

Day 5

Posted on 2019-07-29

Eliminate the use of “case” to make your sentences stronger; in many “cases” it’s not needed.

To “compare to” is to point out similarities. To “compare with” is to point out differences.

Avoid using “however” at the start of a sentence in place of “nevertheless” or “but”. It is stronger in the middle: implying “in what ever way possible.”

“Less” refers to the quantity not the number. Don’t misuse it for “fewer”.

“Meaningful” has little meaning; use a more descriptive adjective.

“State” means to express fully or clearly, not a substitute for “say”.

“Thank you in advance” implies that you can’t be bothered to thank them late. Ask for what you want politely, and follow up with a “thank you”.

If a previous sentence has multiple actors, “this” cannot carry the load. The word’s improper use will lead to ambiguity.

Do not use “while” in place of “and”, “but”, or “although”. Even when “while” makes sense, it’s better replace by a semi-colon.

There are no degrease of uniqueness.

Elements of Style