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August 28, 2019

The Happy Body

A straight forward guide to living a health life and maintaining your body for years to come.

The same workout practice done every day becomes good for the body as well as the mind. If you can enter flow every workout, it become a mediation practice with physical benefits.

Youthfulness is determined by:

  1. Flexibility
  2. Strength
  3. Speed
  4. Leanness
  5. Ideal body weight
  6. Good

posture A trainer tells you what to do, or acts as your workout buddy. A coach explains why you should do things a certain way so the practice becomes part of you.

Great performance doesn't come from the body alone. You can have the same build as a professional athlete, but they will still beat you in their sport because their brain is conditioned better than yours. This level of mind body connection only comes through repetition.

Any physical movement consists of three phases:

  1. The flexibility to perform the movement correctly.
  2. The strength to perform the movement under an appropriate load.
  3. The speed to perform the movement in the correct amount of time.

Speed should be your ultimate goal because you can't develop speed without flexibility and strength. If you have the speed, you will develop the other two.

The overhead squat press is the best test for overall strength, flexibility, and coordination.

Man should perform the squat press with 58% of their body weight. Woman should perform the squat press with 45% of their body weight because, compared to men, they get on average 77% strength capacity per pound. Use the squat press to determine speed. Excellent speed is 5 seconds through the whole movement, with your ideal weight.

It's hard to stay motivated with just good results. Only when we gain excellence do we get something to fight for.

Ideally, men should have 10% body fat and woman should have 13%.
You can have the ideal leanness, but you won't look fit unless you put on
enough muscle. A man, at 5'11", should weigh 170 - 180 pounds. A woman, at 5'2" should weigh 107 - 113. Anything more results in burdening the body with too much muscle. Anything less results in not enough muscle to maintain energy and mobility.

You aren't born with good posture. You build it throughout your life.
Bad posture forces the joints of the body to support your weight instead of
the muscles. This results in stiffness and later pain.
Inversion tables provide an excellent way to unload the spine from the daily
load it carries.
If you lose weight by dieting, over exercising, taking pills, or surgery, you
will gain it back because all of those are temporary measures. The only sustainable way to loose weight is to change your lifestyle.

There are 5 ways to boost your metabolism and increase weight loss:

  1. Gain muscle because more muscle will burn more fat.
  2. Eat every 3 hours
    but only enough food so you are hungry the last hour. That last hour becomes your fat burning zone.
  3. Don't eat until your are stuffed. If you stretch your stomach it will make you hungry before the food is completely processed.
  4. Eat a verity of all the basic macro nutrients every time. Otherwise your body will have to work harder to compensate for the missing building blocks.
  5. Eat organic and high quality foods. They put less stress on your body allowing you to process the food faster and get more nutrients from a smaller volume.

Exercise without rest will breaks down the body instead of building it up.
Under stress, the body burns muscle.
When you relax and activate the parasympathetic nervous system, the body uses fat for fuel.

Allow a pause to breath out during exercise. This time gives you a chance to recover mid workout.

Have a 12 hour feeding period where you eat every 3 hours. This gives you time for 3 snacks and two meals.

If you have to push back lunch, eat a third of your snack every hour you delay it. After you eat lunch, finish the rest of your snack three hours later and have dinner at your normal time.

The base line for every meal is 1.5 fist size portions of protein, and 3 fist size portions of vegetables. To lose or gain weight subtract or add half a fist size portion of protein and 1 fist size portion of vegetables.

The base line for your snack is 150% of your ideal body weight in grams. To lose or gain weight, subtract or add 50%.

Once you achieve your ideal weight, you can add a cheat meal once per week.
Stop increasing the weight you use during exercise once you achieve the
standard for strength and speed.
Buy only a few vegetables per week. Precut them on the weekend and use the for
making fresh stir fries, soups, and salads.
Keep your meals simple. There is no need to have more than 2 vegetables per
meal. This keeps your meals from getting repetitive and boring.
To prepare delicious meals use fresh ingredients and season them with your
favorite spices and herbs.

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