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October 31, 2018

It Doesn't Have to be Crazy at Work

This book challenges many of the accepted notions of today's workplace. It's a must read for anyone in a leadership position or starting their own business.

> "Comparison is the death of joy." > >-- Mark Twain
Drawn out goals, packed schedules, and crazy work environments sap the calm
from any workspace.
Remember that packing your schedule and trying to get more done is not the way
to stay creative. Instead allow yourself uninterrupted chunks of time, at least 90 minutes to work. Use this time to to accomplish what you need to and produce something of quality.

Do not try to change the world. Just try to improve and do the best you can.

> "1 percent occasions like that shouldn't drive policy 99 percent of the time."

Chances are, you have someone looking up to you or you are an officially a leader. This comes with great responsibility.

Be careful with the example that you set and what you give you attention to. Staying up late, responding to emails on the weekends, and looking at thing "just in case" all serve to create a bad culture around you.

You must keep your priorities in check if you want to create a great work environment.

"It's really easy to fall for someone's carefully crafted story."

When hiring or just working with someone, get to know them as a person. Everyone has families, hobbies, and worries. Get to know these things, about the people you spend 40 hours a week with. It leads to a better work environment and make sharing ideas easier.

Make sure your process minimizes stress. Something as simple as moving your releases from the end of the week to the start of the week can give you the weekend back.

> "Culture is what culture does."
Don't base your culture on best practices. In fact, don't base anything on
best practices alone. Only use these practices as a starting point. Strive to push things forward and create something better than the status quo.

To become better than the norm, you need focus. The only way to gain focus is to say no to all the unnecessary things you are saying yes to right now.

> "When you deal with people who have trouble, you can either choose to take the token that says 'It's no big deal' or the token that says 'It's the end of the world.' Whichever token you pick, they'll take the other."

Your company culture, your mood, even your level of stress are all determined by the small choices you make every day. Have the courage to change things for the better today. Even if it's in the smallest of ways. Block off your lunch time, say no to that pointless meeting, or go for a walk after work. Start chipping away at the insanity and win your life back.

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